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Music producers are being given the attention they deserve since Genius launched its series called DECONSTRUCTED which describes the journey of a sample to a full-fledged Billboard track. Through this, we also see how difficult it is for producers to come up with new ideas of how to fit percussive elements to their leads, be it a guitar, a piano melody or a synth. Rosaline aims to give artists a jumpstart by building a drum track with all percussive elements (snare/kick/hats/claps) synchronized with the lead melody. The artists also have the ability to play around with the generated drum track, refine it and finally use it in production and all the producer needs to do is upload a lead and select the genre.


Building the step sequencer in JavaScript and sifting and optimizing models to accurately adapt to any new lead was pretty challenging. We previously had no idea how to handle audio input either in JS or in Python and had to learn as the hack progressed. As drum tracks are purely temporal in nature, the timing needed to be near perfect in order to get a presentable drum track.

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