I wanted to learn something new during this epidemic and decided to learn dancing however soon later I was uncertain if my posture was correct thus I contacted my friend to assist me with it yet at the same time it was almost difficult to tell where I was turning out badly, so myself and my friend decided to make pebble to help us out with this issue. Pebble has not only helped me to correct my posture but has also been a fun collaborative platform with friends, in fact, we hosted a dance party with all of our friends on pebble.

Why Pebble?

There are about 65000 people who injured themselves while performing physical activities in 2019 alone. this is where pebble will lead you to your goals and lets you learn to correct your posture to avoid injuries front.

What it does

Pebble is a stepping stone, to correct your posture like never before. Be it yoga, martial arts , any dance form or even doing a deadlift at the gym. Compare your posture in real-time with the leading trainers by only making use of their videos and our body movement trackers with high precision. Connect with your friends on pebble and compare your avatar with theirs virtually.

  • It helps you correct your 3d posture and makes you learn new physical activities in no time.
  • Social media for you to share your moves with your friends
  • Invite your friends and pimp your moves

Why Pebble?

In the usual traditional technologies present, the body movements are generally tracked using the camera, which can be quite inaccurate when the person is present at a large distance, but with our use of body trackers and machine learning not only will the body movements be accurate but the people will be able to compare themselves with the experts in their domains and through any live video and even compete among friends.

Challenges I ran into

  • NodeMCU couldn't interface with MPU6050 (Gyroscope) at very high frequency due to the reduced clock speed.
  • Had to switch to an Arduino UNO and due to the lack of an ESP8266, had to bootstrap a server to send the data wirelessly over the device.
  • Ran out of components
  • Due to the low bandwidth, Internet Speed was terrible and couldn't download most of the DL models.

What's next for Pebble

Stay Tuned

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