There's plenty of weather apps out there that'll provide all the information about the weather but fail to address a simple question. Do I need to take an umbrella today?

Our motivation is to provide user the with the information they want, to answer their concern with a glance at their watch.

The app currently only provides information for rain, however we plan to add predictions for cold weather (display warm clothes to the user), snow and other types of weather.

How it works

The application is simple. It's a watchface that uses the api to check if it will rain today. If rain is expected, the watchface shows an umbrella. Otherwise, its just a regular watchface that shows the time.

The app is fully functioning. It has not been uploaded to the store yet however.

Challenges I ran into

Adding images with the pebble.js api posed problems that were difficult to debug and drained a lot of our time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team was working on two projects, which retrospect we think was a bad decision :P However we managed to accomplish a working prototype for both. Had we concentrated on one, we could have provided a product with more

What I learned

What's next for Pebble Umbrella

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