Just to be clear, the thing's not finished.


We initially came in thinking we would either use the Raspberry Pi we bought on the way here, or a voice recognition web app modeled after Jarvis from Iron Man. When we got here, however, we realized we could take advantage of some of the sweet tech provided by MLH. We chose to utilize the Pebble, an easily hackable smartwatch. We threw around ideas for a bit; I (Trey) really wanted to create a one-touch Uber app, but we eventually settled on integrating public transit information.

What it does

Our Pebble application intuitively shows the directions to the nearest bus stop, and allows them to, when they get to the stop, see when the next bus will arrive.

How we built it

We used CloudPebble--possibly the worst IDE ever. ("Code completion not available"? Broken GitHub integration? No thanks.) We initially began building the app with the JavaScript Watchapp API, until we realized that it limited us in what we could do. We then switched over to the C+JS Watchface API, which, while it took some working to fully understand, was certainly worth the effort. We decided early on that we would split up the responsibility as much as possible, allowing us to work relatively independently of each other. Victoria wrote all the front-end C code, while I wrote the JavaScript. I also ended up writing a bit of server-side PHP as a means to pass through data from Google Maps' restrictive API.

Challenges we ran into

CloudPebble sucked. We spent nearly two hours trying to fix some of the problems it was causing, especially those related to its GitHub integration. There was also some confusion with the Pebble documentation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

Victoria learned to open her mind up to the possibilities. Me? Well, I learned how to suck less at coding after two hours of sleep.

What's next for Pebble Transit

Nothing! It's finished! Done! We're never touching it again! No, I'm personally interested in learning more about the possibilities of writing smartwatch apps. I'd like to optimize its usability and performance, and possibly publish it to Pebble's app store.

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