The hack allows the user to unlock a Mac Computer using a flick of their wrist through pebble. The hack Uses 4 active, working parts, listed as follows:

API - I had to custom build a REST API with Ruby and is hosted on DigitalOcean. This API manages past logins and logoffs and allows for message forwarding. This is the most integral part of the operation.

Pebble Tap Detection - The Pebble SDK allows for native detection of taps. Pebble Lock uses this API and raw accelerometer data to get an accurate detection.

Mac Login Plugin - On The OSX side, an app had to be written that pseudo types the password on the unlock screen and can also lock the screen(an API not natively supported by Objective-C). However, before either could be done, OSX had to be hacked to allow an app to be run permanently, even while the computer is sleeping.

Pebble Watch Face(s) that must connect to internet… - This is another pivotal component of process. By pasting a couple lines of code(which took hours to engineer for efficiency) into any open source watch face, it becomes laptop connected. For example purposes, I modified the popular Noms watch face to behave like normal, except to unlock and lock the mac in the event of wrist flick.

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