As students looking for professional experience, we are endlessly told to build connections and network, network, network. Many times, networking events are difficult to navigate and impersonal, and the final interaction -- exchanging business cards -- is normally awkward and clumsy. We wanted a way to make networking and follow-up easier for all parties -- so that students don't get their business cards thrown out, contacts don't get lost, and recruiters are left with better data about their candidates.

How it works

Using a Pebble smartwatch and corresponding Android application, we've created "e-business cards" associated with your profile, that includes your name, contact information, and relevant links to your website, past work, etc. After "making the ask" for the other party's contact information, you can casually press the "select" button on your stylish Pebble, which will send your e-card to our server. The other person will then do the same thing, and after the server receives both e-cards, it will swap them and send the e-cards to the receiving parties. The application will then save the e-card in your personal library. Our e-cards can be transferred over SSL for enhanced security.


Our greatest challenge was working across different platforms. Working on the Pebble and Android app separately, and connecting them to the server was difficult because there was so much dependency on everything working at the same time.

What's next?

With further development, the app will be able to store cards in folders specific to events, or groups of people for easy searching. Gone will be suit pockets filled with little slips of paper, messy "business card" filing solutions, and apps to scan paper business cards.

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