We made Pebblecoin because we think that using cryptocurrency should be as easy as a tap of the wrist. With Pebblecoin, finding market statistics and receiving or sending currency has never been more accessible.

How it works

The app first has to be downloaded onto the Pebble Watch. Afterwards, we give the users three options: Statistics about Bitcoin at the moment, Creating Wallets, and Viewing wallets. Wallets are viewed/created/used through Blockchain's API. Apart from those necessary features, we also allow an easy Bitcoin payment system from watch to watch through QR Codes. We built a quick IOS companion app that allows the used to scan any other QR code on a watch, and he/she can directly send Bitcoin to the encoded address. The process works in reverse too, meaning when you want to receive Bitcoin from someone else, you would simply bring up wallet you want to send the money too. Then the app would encode the address into a QR Code, which it displays for other people to take a picture of - it is a seamless, simple integration of two ever-growing, popular entities in technology.

Challenges we ran into

At first, we had written the entire app on Pebble's Cloud SDK in JavaScript, but soon realized that writing the app in that fashion would not allow us to easily generate QR Codes that would make the use of our app simple. Thus, around halfway through, we scraped everything we were doing and re wrote the whole app in Pebble-C. The real challenge came in using C, because none of of us were greatly familiar with the C language or even had experience coding in C.


Some of the greatest milestones along this weekend were: Deciding on an idea that solved a real problem, Getting our first JS Pebble app working (learning the Pebble interface), getting our IOS companion app done, and solving the many Heap errors we were having while coding in C :).

What we learned along the way

To speak more technically, all of us have learned a great deal of the C programming language - from heaps to cstrings, most of it was new and, while we adapted to use the language by the end, there is still definitely a lot we could learn and improve on. I also feel our team gained a great deal of knowledge on Bitcoin, and how the world of Bitcoin actually functions. Since we are creating a app for BitCoin, understanding the rudimentary workings of the currency was essential, but each of use eventually attained some level of greater understanding of Bitcoin.

What's next for Pebblecoin?

Pebble Blockchain hopes to launch its app and have Bitcoin users, who have Pebble watches, use our app to connect their Bitcoin and Pebble watcch.

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