Convenient access to information when you are travelling is extremely important. The information should be easily accessible and presented to the traveller in a succinct way. We are developing a catch-all Pebble watch app that will present and access the information the user requires and present it in a usable way.

Features include: Retrieve airport information (point of interest locations) from SFO Airport API - ATM locations (from Mastercard API), restaurant/dining options, bars, shopping, currency exchange, courtesy phones, TTY

Flight status - Actual departure and arrival information for all flights within a specific time window; Display weather information for origin and destination (Weather Underground API), Gate number and any time adjustments (via FlightAware API)

Baggage Claim - Information on where to collect your bags when you land (via FlightAware API)

View/Set Itinerary - View your itinerary details and options to load so that Flight Status/Baggage claim will display relevant information rather than general information - Configurable to load from a particular data source (i.e. Concur API)

Order Food/Drink - Option to send a text/message from the watch to a merchant to order ahead of time a drink or food and be ready when you get there. This transaction would also charge the user to their registered credit card (i.e. Mastercard API) and CC company would hold the charge until the user picks up the food/drink

Book a Taxi - automatically order a taxi to pick you up from the airport (i.e. Uber API)

Find a place to park your car. Use haptic feedback to tell you when to turn for your car space (via VoicePark API)

Book a Hotel - book a hotel at the airport (i.e. user missed a flight or it got cancelled and needs a place to stay) - TBD based on API support

Navigate to a point of interest - Esri can provide coordinate information within airport for POIs and Indoors can provide us location information of the user in order to facilitate navigation. Find the checkin desk for your airline (via FlightAware API)

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