We wanted to create a solution which encourages physical activity through the use of time management and organization. Additionally, we incorporated many available APIs, while utilizing new technology through the Pebble watch.

What it does

Our app provides the user with the optimal times to perform various types of activities, given a users schedule and future weather conditions. It allows the user to verbally request the best time to do an activity. This request is processed by the server, which returns a list of optimal times to be displayed by the watch.

How we built it

First, for the client side we created an app using the Pebble SDK. We utilized the Dictation library from Pebble in order to convert voice to text. For the server, we used Node.js which interacted with two APIs: AccuWeather and Watson Natural Language Processing.

Challenges we ran into

There was a steep learning curve for the Pebble watch, which took quite some time to learn. Our biggest hurdle was coming up with algorithms for sorting and ranking the best weather conditions for each specific outdoor activity. While functional, these algorithms will certainly require optimization in the future.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to get the Pebble watch to correctly take in voice input, and then send it to the server to be processed.

What we learned

All of us were first timers with the Pebble watch so we all learned a lot about it. Also, several of us were new to Javascript so we learned a lot about that as well.

What's next for Pebble Activity App (PACT)

As previously stated, the algorithms for calculating optimal weather conditions will continue to need optimization. We would also like to add functionality and features which would go beyond weather while allowing for utilization through other devices.

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