Peatus app is created for Tallinn city citizens who use city transport often. What Peatus can do:

  1. Find near stops, and show it according to time when next bus, tram or trolleybus will come.

  2. Show on map where is nearest stops (Internet should be turned it to use this feature).

  3. Set timer, how much time left for next bus/tram/trolleybus, just press on stop in "near" list.

  4. Find fast any lines and get fast time with scrolling interface.

  5. Application work offline, but need firstly internet to download data!

Stop loosing your time when searching your line in timetable, main slogan of application. I tried to make simple and clean design(used ICS theme), which can be understandable for users.

PS> Application released in middle of February, so I got yet not much installations, but it growing everyday. "Peatus", from Estonian language is "stop station"

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