Our project is a website that is aimed at helping ease communication with those in a crisis or emergency situation. Our idea transforms the archaic idea of presenting a physical card in times of crisis and allows for the safer, more convenient CrisisAlert website to showcase all information necessary to provide the right care. In addition, our project allows users to pre-write custom messages in order to simulate a situation in which one can coherently communicate, which is essential in times of crisis. Our project was inspired by the fact that nothing has changed in emergency response--especially in the case of people with disabilities in decades. Allowing for better communication could not only provide better care for those experiencing a crisis, but also save lives with the help of our website. Some challenges we faced included implementing the Google Cloud API into our vision, specifically using the speech-to-text functionality. Overall, our project could be extended to be an app, and provide a handy way to be prepared for an emergency at any time.

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