Are you a woman? Have you ever had an idea you were psyched out of your mind about?? Now you have a network to post your ideas with other women who can interact with your post and potentially join your team! Now us women truly can RUN THE WORLD one Vision at a time!

This exciting webapp allows you to sign in from your Facebook account and has features including the ability to sign up on another woman's post to encourage their creative and innovative thinking skills! You can join their team or sign up as a mentor to guide them along the way. Another exciting feature we have included is Google maps in order to potentially get connected with women and their Visions in your area! In the works is a feature that allows you to receive sponsorship for your visions with a payment option for Sponsors willing to support women technologists.

Each of us learned a ton from creating this project. Two of us had never been to a Hack-a-thon before and will sure to be back! We are really proud that we got it working and were able to be a part of such an awesome opportunity here at Pearl Hacks 2018!

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