What we have:

This is a work-in-progress news bot with a website geared to make people contribute their spare change to a good cause. Text (434) 218 4234 anything, and the bot generates a news article. The current bot brings you the top five articles within the last three days about global crisis using Bandwidth and Webhose APIs.

Our Mission:

Our goal is to make donating as efficient, environmental-friendly, and personal as possible. In other words, we believe that donating should be your personal choice. Bringing attention to much-needed issues shouldn't have to be a negative and dreaded interaction. We believe someone shoving flyers into your hands or someone pressuring you to sign a petition on paper in-person is ignorant and ineffective. It wastes time, and it wastes trees. Instead of that, let's protect the environment by going paperless, and choose to give on our own accord.

Future development thoughts:

We hope to make a subscriptional texting bot send automatic push notifications that are customizable in terms of the frequency of updates, so people are not overwhelmed by depressing news all the time. In the future, we hope the add a way for people to automatically contribute money from their banking accounts just by texting 'yes' or 'no' to questions. Of course, there is still a long way to go and many factors to consider, but we are hoping the future of giving to charities will be a smoother process than it is now. We also need to reorganize the folders so that the SMS bot and the website files are in different folders.


What it is: Text bot bringing terrible news for a good cause \ Who: Targets people who care; people who might not read the news often but have a kind heart \ Why: there are many issues in the world that could be solved with volunteering or money; natural diasters usually causes the biggest damage and the most money; we don't want people to waste paper and destroy the environment while trying to promote their own good cause \ Future Development: We hope to make this bot more interactive to answer more questions and customizable so people are automatically updated with news

--Side Note--

It's called "Due Good" because we feel like it's about time we pay back the wonderful, global society that we benefit from.

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