Our main inspiration for the game was A Dark Room by doublespeak games. It features a real-time unfolding incremental game with a minimalist interface.

What it does

Our app would allow the user to complete almost all tasks they normally would in a Minecraft survival world (explore, mine, craft, farm, etc...), but instead through a web interface.

How we built it

The main design goal was to carry as many intuitive controls from Minecraft as possible, while simplifying what we could for the limited information you can display from a browser.

Challenges we ran into

We didn't have much experience with React, our framework of choice, overall, so we weren't able to spend enough time to get a functional version of the idea.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The design for the website still looks awesome, and the existing React code does have some functional elements like an About Us / Team page.

What we learned

More intentional design from the beginning, and clearer communication about the project idea, can really help a team make the most out of a limited timeframe.

What's next for PearlCraft

We're hoping to continue development of PearlCraft (possibly under a different name) so that we can each gain experience building and maintaining a web game that's used by the wider web community.

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