Too often, sexual education is dismissed as taboo in our culture. Through Pearl Runner, a young girl discovers the value of sexual health and safety by collecting condoms and avoiding the plague of STDs that are infecting her life. Inspired by stories of young girls overcoming sexual harassment, teenage pregnancy, and other consequences of poor sexual education, we strove to create a welcoming environment for users of all ages to learn and break down the walls of sexual taboo.


Run, jump, and slide over and under obstacles as you try to collect as many condom as you can while avoiding chlamydia. Lose three lives and it's Game Over! Collect a pearl and stay invincible for ten seconds!

Facts About Sex Ed

Did you know...

  • gender discrimination highly prevalent in abstinence-only education.
  • taxpays have been funding abstinence-only-until-marriage education since the Reagan administration.
  • most teens learn about STIs and HIV in school, but not about contraceptives.
  • some conservative states still teach anti-gay rhetoric.

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