I am an undergraduate electronics student and I see many of my college mates didn't knowing basic concepts of electronics live how electrons travel in a circuit, how an LED works, how a speaker makes sound and many different things. Now we have Educations Institutes and programs like 1v1 classes from WhiteHat jr, Vedhantu and many other companies. they all are teaching different different stuff like coding, designing to kids. As in current scenerio teacher cant be physically present in front of students to teach. so i wanted to make a Mobile app which a teacher can use to teach electronics and a student can use to learn electronics.

What it does

peARl allows us to remotely teach basic electronics to kids form middle school and high school. Teacher can use the echoAR Console to control the transform of 3D models of the app which a student is using simultaneously to learn, teacher will explain concepts through a voice call and can augment 3D models of electronic Components through student's phone

How I built it

At first I used Autodesk Fusion 360 to design some 3D models of different electronic Componenets. Then I uploaded all the 3D models in EchoAR's console and costucted some meta data. Then i used Unity 3D to download, assemble all components and animate them and for some UI Components.

Challenges I ran into

EchoAR was completely new for me, Thanks to Alon Grinshpoon Sir for Solving doubts in Workshop AR Foundation is something completly new for me

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was succesfully able to make a prototype of pearl

What I learned

I learnt EchoAR cloud AR and AR Foundation

What's next for peARl (Primary Electronics Augmented Reality Learning)

I will continue this project and make it up to a comlete level

Built With

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