There are many times that some find themselves in need of feminine products on the run. Not everyone can always plan for these moments in life or even afford these products because they are so expensive. Our app allows you to sign in or sign up and track your location. After this, it brings you to a map in which you can see all the locations around you that other users have marked that offer free feminine products. You can also do your part in helping by adding locations. All you have to do is touch the location you want to add, then press which products it offers and type in a location name. There is also a profile button feature that brings you to your profile page which lets you know how many locations you have added so far. This part isn't fully implemented, but the idea is that once someone adds a certain amount of locations, they will earn a prize! This brings incentives for users to put just as much into the product as they get out. The locations and user information are all saved into a local sqlite database.

The pictures of the IOS version of the app are also added below. We have two different Githubs so we put the link to the one with the Android because that is the most finished product. We wanted to reach a larger population of users and thought that making the app in both IOS and Android would be best. The repository to the IOS app is here:

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