We wanted to find a way to make opportunities for women and marginalized communities easier to find, as well as amplify the voices of women who have helped pave the way in computing.

What it does

Every hour our bot tweets out various different opportunities for women in tech. This includes scholarships, job opportunities, internships, bootcamps, youtube videos and web pages for help. We also tried to create a slightly playful and friendly aura by incorporating some (slightly very corny) jokes.

How we built it

We built our bot by using JSON.

Challenges we ran into

We really wanted our bot to be able to automatically search the internet to find these opportunities, but we are all very new to this and when we tried to add this feature in, things started to get really complicated and we started getting tons of errors, so we decided to leave it out. Hopefully with some more experience and research, my team can continue to work and incorporate this feature into our bot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Our collaboration efforts
  2. Switching quickly from one project to another and still having it be executable
  3. We are most proud of what we learned from each other throughout the whole process as well.

What we learned

We learned that collaboration can really speed up and make a project much more efficient and incorporate new and fresh ideas. We also learned that sometimes you may have to re-adjust your goals/trajectory if something isn't going exactly as planned.

What's next for Pearl Bot

Next for Pearl Bot I would really like to incorporate a way for it to automatically find these opportunities rather than us having to find them and then manually enter them into the JSON file. I would also like to, incorporate a reply function so lets say that someone is looking for internship opportunities in Charlotte,NC. They could tweet at pearlbot, and it would respond to the user by giving them a list of internship opportunities in the Charlotte area. We also want everyone to feel welcomed and safe when using our bot, so if they were feeling down or just needed a cheerful quote they could tweet at pearlbot and it would respond with something inspiring or uplifting.

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