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(First we wanted to make a peer to peer network for android devices with the use of Wi-Fi Direct But because it doesn't support inter Group Owner communication we couldn't implement it. We still love the idea and we decided to keep our original name even tough we make another app.)


Maybe fellow neighbors or even citizens of the same city have the same frustrations or encounter the same problem that you do. So we decided to make a centralized app where everyone can anonymously post their problems or issues with the current society and hopefully the administration will see the unity of people and will start to be active and make changes that truly matter to us, the citizens, not buying traffic lights nor ships on a 10m river.

What it does

Allows anyone with access to INTERNET and a browser to post a issue or problem they see in their daily life. They can also see all other complains done by other people and up vote them if they already encountered it. The users also have the possibility to add a photo of the problem.

The app has different TAGS, eg HealthCare, PublicOrder, etc. .We even have a TAG for improvements that could be added to our city.

How I built it

Google and a text editor :-? LAMP stack on

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for pear2pear

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