Our inspiration, as freshmen, was the difficult experience of having less opportunity to connect to the diverse group of people available of a college campus. Pear allows students to safely meet new people, and study, eat, and play in the company of students on campus.

What it does

Pear connects college students based on location, campus, and activity they with to complete.

How we built it

Time, blood, and tears. We collectively worked on all components, and received a lot of aid from TAMUHack volunteers. The front-end is exclusively html and css, and the back end is PHP.

Challenges we ran into

Running into unfamiliar languages and protocols. This is the first Hackathon for all of us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The front-end and design of the website, as well as the fact that the PHP functions at all!

What we learned

That PHP is hard, but extremely useful. We learned some database control, as well as a lot more comprehensive web design, overall.

What's next for Pear

Facebook API integration. With this, all users of the site will be verified, and will have to input a lot less information to meet others.

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