We were inspired to make the Pea Pod possible because vast majority of patient we see at the clinic and emergency room are suffering from cardiovascular disease and many of them do not know enough to maintain their own health.

What it does

Pea Pod was design to help inform and alert the user about their personal cardiovascular health. When Pea Pod detect any abnormal rhythms an alert and information (recommendation and educational information) will be transmitted to the user so they can make the best decision for themselves.

How I built it

Using a Intel Edison and the Arudino breakout board, we were able to attach a buzzer and a muscle sensor that we specifically used to read the heart beat. Moreover, using a LCD attachment that can visually show data as well as a portable battery to have the entire device portable.

Challenges I ran into

Main challenge was the high learning curve with software and hardware such as Intel Edison, Docker, and Intel Edison.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using the 3D Printer to create a physical prototype of our product.

What I learned

We have learned how how hard it is to create something from start to finish within 24 hours. Moreover, how complex and resources that goes into building simple device such as the hear rate monitor.

What's next for PeaPod

With this being a very crude and early design, we will continue to expand my expertise in electronics and use that to close the gap between the initial idea and the final product for future hackathons.

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