The main objective of the PeakRelation Correlation Explorer is to find relations between different indicator data in different countries and regions. By related data we mean data that is somehow connected; that doesn’t vary independently. For example, you might expect that poverty is related to health in a country or that an increase in education could be correlated to the employment rate. If this kind of correlations are present in the data they will show up in the application together with all other, maybe not as obvious, correlations.Typical questions that could be addressed by this application are •    “…did the investment in education in Ethiopia have any impact on the welfare”•    “…what effect did the sudden decrease in poverty have on child mortality in Uganda”The application might also reveal correlations that are yet to be understood. For example:•    “…why does the poverty in India seem to be correlated with the income level in United States?”•    “…how come the health increased in Sudan while it decreased in Angola?”In the application you select your data from more than 600 indicators and 200 countries. Any combination of indicators and countries can be chosen for the correlation analysis. The application computes the degree of correlation for each combination simultaneously and present the result visually. When the dataset has been loaded you can do the analysis using features like time shifting, de-trending and time ranging the data. We believe this application to support the Millennium goals by enabling a visual way to see the cause and effect of indicator data for the entire world. By finding correlations between data, conclusions can be drawn about the impact of efforts and investments done in the different sectors. Also new, not yet understood, correlations might be uncovered. The time shifting feature can be used to predict the future development of the indicator data, while the non-time shifted data reveals real time correlations.For more information visit our website at From there you can launch the application, and also find a user guide helping you to get started (

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