Interviews can be intimidating. PEAK offers virtual interview prep that boosts self-confidence through mock interviews and immediate performance feedback. While anyone can benefit from this service, those with health disabilities such as speech impediment, autism or anxiety will find it especially valuable. Modeling behavioral therapy, we teach interpersonal skills and professional etiquette required to be a successful job seeker.

How We Built It

With the help of virtual reality, APIs and programming languages like Python and C#, our team was able to innovate a technology that would empower people to reach their career goals.


Some of the challenges we faced were setting up VR on Oculus Rift and integrating various platforms to form a cohesive product.

What We Learned

Being first time VR developers, we learned a lot about how to use unity and oculus rift to build an immersive virtual environment and record audio output. We also learned how to implement NLP techniques like sentiment analysis and syntax recognition.

What's Next for PEAK

Moving forward, we would like to create an adaptive question bank that adapts to the interviewee’s skill level. We also hope to add a visual facial recognition for a better understanding of human emotions. Furthermore, we would also like to expand our training to other life skills in addition to interview prep.

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