More and more fitness apps are being acquired by big companies. Under Armour, Asics, and Nike, just to name a few, have spent millions of dollars investing in fitness apps to add to their arsenal. However, many of these apps are over complicated. Our market research has shown many people feel fitness apps on the market today are over-complicated, and include unnecessary features and measurements. This inspired us to create a simple fitness app, one for the people who just want an easy way to track what they're doing, without having to worry about any of the extra.

What it does

Peak counts the user's steps wherever they are, using the device's accelerometer. Using these measurements, Peak compares his or her activity to wonders of the world, whether it be K2, Denali, Mount Everest, or even the Great Wall of China, providing the user an easy way to visualize their progress and be proud of their accomplishments.

How we built it

For the iOS version, we used Swift and Apple's CoreMotion Framework.

For Android, we used Android Studio to code our app in Java, using the built-in Android StepDetector sensors.

Challenges we ran into

The hardest part of creating this app was diving right into mobile development with no prior experience. Utilizing complex frameworks and sensor interactions proved to be much more difficult than expected, and caused the first few hours to be long and stressful.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite the lack of experience in mobile development, we are most proud of our ability to break the app down into its fundamental components and work through the app method by method, finishing the product in only 16 hours. We are also immensely proud of the attention to detail in the minimalist design of Peak, utilizing a healthy mix of blank space and objects to create a clean and intuitive user experience.

What we learned

Developing a mobile application can be hard at first, but time, perseverance, and passion allowed us to create an amazing app with extraordinary potential.

What's next for Peak

We hope Peak grows into something bigger than a hackathon project. Peak has the potential to bring awareness of human potential into our users' lives and be a successful fitness app people will enjoy. We plan on adding more levels, more monuments, and social sharing so our users can share their accomplishments with their friends.

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