We were hanging out in a hot Texas day when Randolf starts whining at us, "Look at me! I am a northern breed dog, why am I in Texas? Take me to the Northwest!"... We agreed and decided to take up our friends' invitation to the wyohackathon. The three of us, Jon, Luis, and Roy set out on an adventure across country from San Marcos, Texas and stayed in several national parks and forests between here and there.

Our experience at the hackathon started with attending the blockchain taskforce. We had an inspiring time as we participated in a moment of historical significance. One of our teammates made a few relevant public comments that may potentially help with defining terms in future legislation. The topics presented at the taskforce definitely influenced our creative process in developing our use cases and demonstration.

The team building was an interesting process, and we connected with two more individuals, Jacob and Scott. Scott simply walked into the room we were working in and didactically joined in and pushed forward development. Jacob was a fellow we met in passing and invited him to work with us, and even though he had to leave the evening prior to the finish - we greatly appreciated his support and ideation. We did have a potential sixth team member, however he decided to work with another team - which was totally amicable, however we did suffer a good bit of time loss from the lack of consensus.

Roy and Scott worked really well together on executing and deploying two projects. We initially focused on the Kraken challenges because we were confident we could create a functional product in a reasonable time frame. We also started the process for the development of use cases for governance.app, and focused time on that project when we got stuck on the other challenge. All in all it was beneficial to have two projects we could bounce back and forth from, which ultimately limited our stagnation and helped us with continuous development.

We had a critical error when deploying to Sigmachain, which was quickly resolved with the help of their team. The CEO even called in devs on priority to solve this issue as fast as possible, and was really cool of them to help out with such a quick response late on a Saturday.

All in all we believe we developed a product that can bring value to the world, and if our use cases are implemented within the state of Wyoming then we are certain that we can reduce the costs and resources needed for Animal Shelters, as well as providing a technology layer that can be beneficial to the livestock industry. Additionally our longterm intention of this project is to satisfy the criteria needed for digital identity that has been requested in state legislation to have been integrated by 2021.

Built With

  • ethereum
  • simbachain
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