During COVID-19, we noticed many people posting about their favorite songs and proudly sharing their music albums on social media. All of these posts from people around the world inspired us to create a website that allows users to customize their own album covers. We hope to provide young adolescents and anyone who enjoys music the opportunity to show off their spirit with their favourite albums with a twist of their personality and creativity.

What it does

Peach Jams is a web application that allows users to upload any image and transform it into a unique album cover, personalize it with different filters, and download it straight to their computer.

How we built it

We built Peach Jams in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript utilizing two JavaScript libraries: p5.js and CamanJS. The site was made in Glitch which it was then hosted there and redirected to our own domain,

Challenges we ran into

Our first challenge was deciding on an idea together as we were debating on different categories. After brainstorming we were immediately able to jump right into coding! For our programming challenges we ran into having difficulties with uploading the image, making the image a specific size, formatting and sizing the image, and changing the image colours. With some research and effective communication we were able to implement and solve these issues. Another challenge that occurred was when we were all working on the HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. With 5 people working on their parts, they often overlapped. Our solution was to either go on call with one another and talk through our process or text it through our chat. It worked well and we were able to come to our goal of making this application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our group is made of people from multiple countries, so we are very proud of coordinating and working together across different time zones. We met just before the hackathon started, so we are also proud of being able to quickly come up with an idea, agree with one another, and work well together despite never having met each other before.

What we learned

As a whole, our group learned a lot from participating in Hobby Hacks. (This was the first hackathon for two members, so they got to learn how a hackathon works!) We learned how to upload and download images from our own computer and implement them in our own web application and how to utilize different JS libraries. We also learned a lot more about using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript together to create one comprehensive website.

What's next for Peach Jams

There are multiple different features we would like to add to Peach Jams to give our users more options while customizing their album covers. Some of our ideas include adding filters of our own design, fun stickers, and animated emoticons. We’d also like to add a feature where users can upload their album photos directly to their music streaming app or social media platform.

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