Nowadays everyone is busy in their hectic schedule, working continuously lead to a feeling of tiredness also bad and stressful days are parts of our life, so there comes an idea of developing something that will help others to feel peaceful, relaxing and calm. In addition, freshen up themselves and get back into the work with a fresh mind.

As we are living in the cities we are surrounded by buildings all over places. So we have started by choosing nature. As all of us know the sound of nature is always inspiring and relaxing. Here we have added music that will help anyone to calm themselves and will help to feel more relaxed. Just like the music we have added videos and sayings/quotes as well.

What it does

It'll be a getaway from all the chaos outside. We have built something that will keep our mind at peace, it means we can listen to soothing music, watch relaxing videos, and also reading thoughtful things.

How we built it

For developing the project we used VS Code editor and mainly focused on the front end. We used HTML, CSS, and javascript languages.

Challenges we ran into

Got stuck between coding. It was difficult for us to build the music player part but somehow we did that very efficiently. As it was our first hackathon, we also got so many difficulties uploading the files on GitHub and accessing them, hopefully, we will be good at it as time goes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of learned new concepts

We learned how to develop a music player a website and video implementation also communication. Not only creating a project about music players using javascript, HTML, and CSS; we have also learned about Github. We have learned how to manage a project, schedule, planning the project.

What's next for PeaceWithin

We are looking forward to participating in more such events. We have enjoyed ourselves a lot and learned so many things.

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