Helping farmers and communities to address the impact of natural catastrophes

What it does

Our application uses data from the IBM cloud along with machine learning algorithms to predict risks for farmers. This mobile application provides alerts and actionable tips to farmers, so that they can take action to mitigate risks before - or to get assistance easily and quickly after a disaster. The farmers can use the application to chat with other farmers in the community and interact with a friendly chatbot. The whole ecosystem consisting of local governments, experts, insurance companies and farmers is connected through the app. These actors share their actions on the blockchain for a transparent exchange of information and use of finances.

How I built it

data from IBM cloud, applications/api from IBM, python, google maps, public data

Challenges I ran into

Inability to download large datasets or relevant datasets.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Brainstorming effectively on creative ideas.

What I learned

The power of community The business model of insurance companies, particularly that it is profitable for them to invest funds in preventing risks for their clients and the win-win result out of this. IBM Watson assistant technology and IBM Cloud

What's next for PeaceOfCrop

Becoming a unicorn! ....after a good night's sleep.

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