I developed this skill for AlexaLifeHack competition, as the name suggest we need to give solution which makes Life tasks easy. And I think that for every human being all the task of life can be easy if he is motivated, positive thinker, feel good, have good health, concentration, peace. And all that can achieved with help of meditation. So I get inspired to make skill which provides details and procedure for doing various types of meditations .

What it does

It helps user determine which meditation he/she should do. And provides step by step information to do it.

How I built it

I built it using Python flask-ask library.

Challenges I ran into

It was little bit challenging to under voice user interface, but that was done. I ran into small things like if user tell different words something like Pokémon or Café, alexa takes it with accent. It was creating problems in backend, but it was also solved soon.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First of all I am proud that I have developed my First Alexa skill, and I am proud that it is of quite normal level not very basic. Also I did it with python, alexa skills are majorly developed with node.js.

What I learned

I have learned very great thing "To develop alexa skills", which I think will be widely used thing in coming years.

What's next for Peace World

It will be completely improved to delight user's with great experience of meditation. Will add more details, with sound and proper time break and repeat function. And to save/remember user's preferred meditation and to play it everyday. To provide reminder to user if he forget to do meditation. Will add some positive quote type things as well. There are various other possibilities in same skill "Peace world" . I am working on to find and decide next things.

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