Many events around UIUC campus and throughout the world have inspired us to make this app. The concept is simple: notify your peers/friends/family when you think there might be danger using your Pebble. We track your location real-time and display it on a website so that your family/friends can see it.

From your Pebble, you can choose several degrees of danger you feel. If you're walking late at night and it looks like someone is following you, there's an option for that. If something just doesn't seem right, there's an option for that. From there, you can escalate the degree of danger you feel depending on the situation. We even have an to call 911 immediately - all without the touch of your phone.

As soon your interaction with this app begins, we send a link to your chosen contact members. This link points to a website with a log of your movements/escalations. Your real-time GPS movement is displayed on a map.

We hope that this app serves as a seamless companion in case of danger. Your next quick inconspicuous notification from your Pebble could be the difference between life and death.

The link to our webserver's source code is here:

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