We are inspired by the use of data in problem-solving. When the mission of Search for a Common Ground and the challenges the organization faces in reaching its goal were presented to us, we felt that this is something that we'd love to help with and welcomed the roadblocks.

What it does

Peace-Nodes is currently split into two modules. We have identified the general organizational process in 3 steps:

  • Communicating with the community leaders and retrieving information
  • Saving that information in digitized data that can be analyzed
  • Analyzing the data in an interpretable format that facilitates understanding the social networks and group dynamics

We attempted to create a unified and standardized visual vocabulary to tackle the first step but we reached the conclusion that we did not have enough time and resources to do so and we deemed our skills to be much more useful in investing our available time and effort into solving the last two steps.

We created a platform where it is easy to add people, groups and relationships in a network. The second platform pulls that data from the first module and uses it to build the network visually.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Functional visualization dashboard, functional data input, streamlining the data collection process.

What we learned

We need to practice our coding and get better sleep before the event. :)

What's next for Peace-Nodes

Easy to add new features!

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