We created a volunteer job search interface that enables prospective Peace Corps applicants to interactively explore openings on a map, filter them by certain parameters, and sort search results. We aimed to make the interface engaging and informative to aid the user in finding potential matches.

The current interface on the Peace Corps has few search options. There is little information available directly on the search page, so the user has to view individual job openings to learn more about the country or other details. Additionally, the volunteer openings page is disconnected from many pages on the Peace Corps website that would be useful to refer to during a search. We made a prototype interface that overcomes the identified deficiencies as well as incorporates new functionality, namely the map feature. We chose a few parameters from the Peace Corps API that we thought might be most useful for a user to filter search results. We used APIs from Google to create the map and the sortable results table. Upon interacting with the map, data for a country such as types of openings is displayed; more country information can be added. A concept for search results that we didn’t have time to implement is the ability for the user to choose which categories to sort by rather than display the entire table, which would be especially useful if we were to incorporate more parameters. Finally, we provided links to existing resources, such as blogs, in useful locations on the search page.

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