As I was waiting for my volunteering certificate in quarantine, it clicked me why not give NGOs on Monday Apps and option to create pdfs of certificates with there existing data on the board views.

What it does

Create, Update, Download and Print PDF Certificates and Forms for volunteers of NGOs, seamlessly with data from your existing board views.With options to add logos and signatures.

  1. Create,Update, Download and Print Volunteering Certificate, with Logos and signature
  2. Create,Update, Download and Print Participation certificates with dynamic event names, logos and signature
  3. Create,Update, Download and Print Volunteer Registration with dynamic "Volunteer Disclaimer" part.

How I built it

With lot of effort using React-pdf and sleek-carousal

Challenges I ran into

A lot of them, I had never built an react app so that was new.

  1. Rendering on the go PDFs
  2. Creating all the PDFs at one go and showing them as a slideshow
  3. Uploading image files and showing it on the pdf(was not able to fix it)
  4. Learning how to upload react app on heroku

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The whole app, its a miracle that I got it working.

What I learned

A lot about monday and how cool it is. About react js.

What's next for PDF Certificates & Forms | NGOs

  1. Adding more different types of Document templates
  2. Email pdf options
  3. Integration with docusign

Built With

  • react-pdf
  • sleek-carousal
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