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PDCheck was named one of the winners of Ohlone Hacks 2020!


Parkinson's Disease affects the lives of many individuals and their family members. One of our team member's grandfather's suffered from Parkinson's Disease that was caught in late stages. Symptoms can be caught early but many people don't have access to a simple way of gauging the severity of their symptoms. An app like PDCheck would help everyone gain the access they need to proper diagnostics.

How does PDCheck work

PD is a scalable way for individuals and caregivers to test the presence of Parkinson's Disease symptoms. It does this by providing people who may have or already have Parkinson's Disease with a user-friendly version of the MDS-Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (MDS-UPDRS). PDCheck also addresses the motor examination aspects of the test. Due to time constraints, right now we can test an individual's speech for symptoms using a Parkinson's speech dataset. Click here to learn more about the MDS-UPDRS

How we built it

Back-End: Built in with TensorFlow, Numpy, and Keras

Check out the code here

Link to the dataset used to assess speech

UX Design: Designed and prototyped using Figma. Inspiration for color choice and user flow came from other health apps on the market.

Challenges we ran into

  • There wasn't enought to create a prototype and a fully-funtioning app, so we decided to prioritize the prototype.
  • There wasn't enough time to include all the questions in the MDS-UPDRS. Our design includes some questions from each part as an example.
  • Designing for an older population was a new experience. We still need to make sure the interface is accessible and pleasing for all users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • PDCheck has the potential to help individuals catch Parkinson's Disease while it's still early.
  • This app addresses a problem in the healthcare system, specifically the time and money it takes to get diagnostic tests for Parkinson's.
  • PDCheck has the potential to empower patients who already have Parkinson's with a way of keeping track of their symptoms.
  • We're super excited to fully develop this app and see how it is received by beta testers and healthcare partners.

What we learned

Some new skills we learned include prototyping in Figma and using public data sets to solve healthcare problems.

What's next for PDCheck

We plan to complete the prototype and use React Native to create the real interface of the app. We also hope to reach out to doctors and organizations that would benefit from this app. Lastly, it would be wonderful to expand this app's capabilities. So far we've implemented one use case, Parkinson's, but this app could easily be added onto to include questionnaires/tests for other diseases.

Let's beat Parkinson's!

Built With

  • figma
  • keras
  • numpy
  • tensorflow
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