The inspiration for our project is rooted from the neighboring communities of Temple University, where we are currently students. North Philadelphia has been expanding with new developments, rehabilitated housing, community centers, and student housing in the recent years. Because of the new developments, off-campus housing locations and the streets have become more pleasing for people to move in to.

In addition to our surrounding community, the same has been for all of Philadelphia, and many other cities throughout the United States. With this in mind, came the inspiration for the project to spread the idea throughout all major cities, with more people involved in communities and for a high volume of developments.

What it does

Our company is based on the social good for various communities, but with an incentive for our clients to be a part the movement with an investor-friendly platform.

We have partnered with numerous real estate developers, for deals and locations where we can develop and help improve neighborhoods in need of modernizing.

There are two options for investors, the first being an investment platform for people who want to help out major communities, and invest in a wide array of opportunities. The first option is a rehabilitation of a pre-existing house, and refurbishing it to modern day standards. This way the turn-around time for an investor is shorter than any other project, and it will be faster to continue investing in other projects. Similarly, there is an option which is building a new construction building, with advantages that it can be customized for the best community impact and a more significant return on the investment. In collaboration with the people of the communities and the city officials, we can fund and modernize areas privately which cuts down on the cities’ planning, and usually long execution time frames.

For the university student, there are benefits for this program firstly because it impacts the surrounding communities the students live in, and it will give the students an opportunity for a low-risk investment portfolio. The students will be able to have benefited from the company, with higher returns for example.

How we built it

We are in the prototype stage of the business and need exposure to bring PD Investments to the general public. PD Investments as of right now is hosted on a website, which uses HTML5, CSS & Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

We have faced business plan challenges more than technical issues, as a computer science and IS&T major, our primary problem was to make a robust business plan and go-to-market strategy that will have a significant impact on the social good.

Accomplishments that we'are proud of

We have built PD Investments website and generated a solid business plan in which we are incredibly confident to be a driven force in this modern era of technology & finance.

What we learned

We learned that communication is the absolute key to be on the right page with each other and to be engaged. The world around us is changing at dizzying pace. New technologies roll out every month, and we believe that using the latest technology gives us an edge over the competition.

What's next for PD Investments

PD Investments plans to go forward into the market and gain traction by using the public exposure it gets at hackathons' and local communities. PD Investments has a goal of becoming the first & largest real estate firm that has an emphasis on building communities and helping the general public take advantage of that modernization.

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