Patients and providers are frustrated by the lack of concise centralized health records. Missing and redundant data cause major patient safety events, such as delays and errors in diagnosis and treatment of serious medical conditions, and medication discrepancies. This is amplified during emergencies. Additionally, it is hard for patients to remember names and locations of their providers.

What it does

Our simplistically designed Dynamic Health Summary and Provider List enable patients and providers to edit key information on a shared interface, which can be viewed and edited at any time, including at each point of care, with patient-owned local (mobile) storage in our first iteration. Patients search for providers with our NPI-linked database and provider address, to add them to their personal list. Physicians access and change the health summary at the patient's request, via unique patient identifiers.

How we built it

Diverse inter-continental team of physician, systems analyst/data engineer, web/cloud developer, designer/industrial engineer, business/product manager.

Challenges we ran into

Data security on a web or cloud-based platform. Significant barriers to implementing EHR interface.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our concept is more collaborative than what's currently on the market, and we have audit capability.

What we learned

We learned the intricacies of working as team for healthcare app creation! In healthcare, there is a large disconnect between available technology and feasibility.

What's next for Patient Doctor Alliance (

Public-private partnerships (ONC, CMS, Doximity), push notifications for health care maintenance, EHR interface for providers to import summary, NLP document upload to extract info for key events (hospital admission, discharge, surgeries, medication changes), autofill for initial app intake

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