• We realized that those who had a harder time learning in class don't always have a way to catch up to their classmates, leading to them falling further behind in class. PCTeacher aims to fix this issue.

What it does

  • A teaching tool website that aims to help teacher help those with disabilities be it mental or physical or just difficulty with learning in general due to have a different learning style.
  • PCTeacher uses information from past lesson questions to generate a personalized learning type for the user. It then displays future lessons specialized for that learning type.

How we built it

  • Our website was made using a Python web-framework called Django and stylized with Bootstrap
  • It is hosted on DigitaOcean
  • MathML is used for LaTex Parsing (to display in-line math such as fractions and exponents).

Challenges we ran into

  • Commits to Github overlapping or behind or ahead or overall not working.
  • Artistic abilities
  • We had too big of an idea

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Auto generated numbers in problems using parameters set by the teacher.
  • Login system that includes a database to store students and their learning styles.
  • Working user database
  • Randomized problems and examples paired with lessons
  • The adaptation of lessons to multiple learning styles

What we learned

  • How to use Python Django
  • Jinja, Bootstrap elements.
  • SSH to access files in Digital Ocean
  • How to implement various website functionalities

What's next for PCTeacher

  • Generate visuals with LaTex.
  • Expanding lessons for other subjects
  • A more intuitive lesson/problem creation system
  • A redesign of the website UI/UX for better aesthetics
  • A profile page that displays information on the user (lessons completed, learning style, etc.)
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