Inspiration - I wanted an easy way to keep track of parts and ideas for a new PC build that I am planning to assemble.

What it does - Allows the user to easily open a Google search engine inside of the app and simultaneously add parts for their PC to a list below.

How I built it - I built the app in MIT App Inventor using a few blocks of code. A few of the blocks included code that allowed the text inside of the list to stay there even after the app is closed out.

Challenges I ran into - One of the main challenges that I had was the Google window inside of the app was filling up the entire page. Another problem that I had was getting the list on the page to be able to scroll as I added more items.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - I am proud that I was able to make an app that did exactly what I wanted it to do.

What I learned - I learned that making apps is very difficult.

What's next for PC Part Picker - I would like to make the items on the list have hyperlinks so it can be easier to go back and buy parts.

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