Since covid people everywhere have been trying to build a computer. Some prebuilt computers have been up-charging. The real challenge isn't building a PC , its choosing the parts that will work the best for the right price range. So we sought out to make a program that can help!

What it does

By choosing what cpu brand you want in your build and your price range, the program can then generate the closest build to that price with the best components on the market.

How we built it

Using the PC part picker API we worked that into a python code then started integration into a website

Challenges we ran into

Our team has more knowledge about back end development we really couldn't put any style on the website that wouldn't trample over the functionality

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the code to give a working build also getting the website up and running

What we learned

Graphic Designers are underrated its hard making stuff pretty

What's next for Pc Optimizer Pro

Making it look nicer

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