One of our group members has helped to build several desktop PCs for his friends most of whom do not realize that making your own computer is cheaper and more effective than buying a computer off the shelf. With that in mind we wondered if it was possible to create a business or a website which would allow for the everyday man to build his own computer with recommendations from us.

What it does

Its a simple website which allows us to create a desktop from a list of parts which we recommend. The user is first asked to choose from Home, Gaming or Professional, to see what is the usage for his computer. He is then guided through a list of parts which would allow for him to choose based on his requirements and add it to a cart. The items we display are accompanied with a basic description which would allow for the lay man to understand and make decisions. At the end of the whole process he is able to see all the parts which he has chosen and an estimated total price as well

How I built it

We used Wix to build the website with a little bit of HTML/CSS. However, we regret using Wix after learning about its limitations and realised we should've done it without their editor.

Challenges I ran into

We regret using Wix after learning about its limitations and realised we should've done it without their editor. In addition, our learning was restricted to just the Wix editor. We felt we could've learnt so much more if we hard-coded everything on our own.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It is a simple and easy to use website, intuitive and easy to understand. This would allow us to reach out to our target audience easily.

What I learned

We learnt how to design the front-end of a website using the Wix editor. This includes getting our hands dirty with regards to design and what could make our website provide a more magical experience for the user.

We've also learnt part of the process of creating a website i.e. Creating the flow from one page to the other, ensuring that we create what the user expects.

What's next for PC Constructor Website

Our database of products is currently very limited and we could not add more in because of a lack of time. Furthermore, our product choices could be more dynamic in the sense that we could increase the order in which we display the various parts based on previous choices. For example we could calculate wattage and suggest a PSU directly instead of giving them two choices as we do now. Furthermore we could also have a comments section or a form which the customers can use to submit this list of parts, adding in more comments and such. This would allow for a more personal touch with the customers increasing our affinity towards our customer base.

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