PC Commander is easy and simple remote control your PC. This includes Android and Gear 2 application.

And need PC application. You can download http://pccommander.blogspot.com/2014/07/download-pc-commander-for-pc.html.

If you need more information, visit http://pccommander.blogspot.kr/

PC Commander includes 4 key features.

I. Capture Screenshot

You can capture screenshot your PC using this application. When you going out, anytime anywhere you can request your PC screenshot. It's effective your child management.

II. Process Manager

You can get running process list your PC. And you can kill process, too. It also effective your child management.

III. Remote Power Management

You can anytime, anywhere shutdown, reboot, enter sleep mode and turn off monitor using this application. If you something downloading, but you should go out. Then use this application. You can shutdown your PC from the outside. This feature will be very useful anytime.

IIII. Receive Notification

You can receive notification if your computer boot or shutdown.

If you have Samsung Gear 2, can using all of feature of this application. (exclusion request screenshot, process list)

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