Interaction makes learning powerful

Interactive learning is vital in medical education. But far too often medical education is one-way (lectures), asynchronous (the teachable moment has passed), or random (not what the learner needs to know now). pBraindocs seeks to vitalize medical education and relieve an educational choke point in hospitals and reinforce learning at the bedside.

The Problem Doctors and other medical professionals need to prepare, collect, and share knowledge resources in school and continue to do so throughout their careers. But there is no single tool to facilitate knowledge organization, collaboration, and social engagement in connection with these resources.

The Solution pBraindocs will be a knowledge management, collaboration, and social engagement tool that will enable doctors and other medical professionals to create, store, organize, share, discuss, and collaborate on non-case related medical learning resources (e.g., notes, articles, videos).

pBraindocs is an online platform that allows medical students, medical residents, and their teachers to access, personalize, and share their medical knowledge.

ACCESS: Cloud based, mobile optimized PERSONALIZED: The individual curates and controls the content pertinent to their educational needs. Slides, notes, and other electronic resources can be easily reviewed and shared with colleagues. SOCIAL: A community for medical education that fosters learning on a social platform. CATALYST: pBraindocs would allow medical educators across the country to share their knowledge and help transform medical education.

pBraindocs is medical education for life.

(pBrain = peripheral brain)

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