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PbNotify is a Remote Pebble Notification API powered by Flask and MongoDB that can easily be set up to provide a public-facing bridge between the Internet at large and local notifications on your Pebble smartwatch. It is accompanied by a watchface on the Pebble that communicates with your smartphone via httpebble. This is ideal for many situations, as essentially any web app or server that could make a single API call can send notifications straight to your wrist. This was inspired by the need to be notified in a convenient manner when long-running commands on a remote server completed. Not only does PbNotify allow such notifications, but it also allows for a plethora of information to be sent along with the simple ping, such as the last command's exit status.

With the extra time I had after completing this hack, I implemented the Twilio SMS API, hooking it up to the PbNotify instance I have running on my demo site. As a result, you can directly text notifications to my watch! Simply send a text of the format || to (617) 326-5364 (my userid is 5250a011dabae068d13ee5f4).

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