Story behind the code

The code was born from a need to get stuff quicky. And the fact that in most cases there will be someone very close to you who is willing to lend that stuff.

What inspired us?

Two of the team members are environmental engineers: borrowing items is far more sustainable than buying them. Especially items you'll only use once in a while, or that you are buying just because you forgot yours at home...

Target users

Hackathon hackers, for now. Soon even your grandma will be using

Key features we're most proud of

  • You'll find the closest person to you - saving everyone time and energy
  • When you're matched with a borrower/lender, you find one another by waving your phones in the air that will be displaying matching colours on the screens
  • As part of's launch, we're lending out our air bed for that post-hackathon slump
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