I've met quite a few people who are interested in reading novels but are reluctant to buy and keep it with them. They constantly try to find people in their friend circle who buys novels so that they can read. This is very difficult as it is not always possible that your friend circle consists of people who purchase novels. What if they have a platform where they could search of people near their location having a particular book and take it on rent for free or some minimal cost depending on who owns the book. We aim to create a mobile application with the name "ForkRead" which aims to solve this very problem. We are creating a aim that lets you search for novels or any other book in your nearby area and contact the owner for rent through our app only. For the hackathon because of time constraint we were only able to implement the Google Login, Integrating Google Books API for searching books ,add books to the owned list and search for users owning a particular book with 50km of your current location.

For the backend API's we have used Node.js and MongoDB. We have deployed the app on heroku for the android app to make API calls easily. For the mobile app we have only targeted Android Platform for now.

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