Growing up my parens always gave me money to hold onto just in case of an emergency. It wasn't a huge amount, enough for maybe a cheeseburger and a ride home on the bus if I ever got lost. But this also meant I was in the open for people lack of cash on hand. I was always the guy covering my friends, sometimes covering more than one person. Generally my friends were good with their promises and eventually got the money back to me, but a lot of reminders were needed. I thought why not automate the process and that was how PayUp was born.

How it works

After creating a free account with the app you can instantly start paying back your loans or take advantage of PayUp reminding systems. The app handles both loans that you owe people and the loan that they owe you. If you have borrowed money the app allows you to use Paypal to make your payment online to the person, provided that they also have an account. On the other side, you can send a SMS message or a email message, directly from the app to remind them.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge and one that really broke the app is Paypal lack of support of 'payouts' on the Android platform. This service is unavailable with their current API as they promise to add it on a later date. I tried to look for work arounds but because of my Canadian citizenship other payment options were out of the questions.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made an app I am proud of in 36 hours by myself.

What I learned

Look at what API are capable of before using them.

What's next for PayUp

Twilio integration for voice messages and hopefully an Play Store release.

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