Covid-19 has eaten away all the heart of the summer and possibly will continue to the next year, so the concerts that artists count on are in serious jeopardy. A lot of musicians are working from home, and a lot of them are still creating content but are having difficulty marketing their merchandise to their fans. And most artists do not have a significant safety net for this type of income loss.

We took this an opportunity to create a Netflix style FireTV app called PayTV that integrates the PayID admin server and API to make digital payments to artists easy.

What it does

PayTV brings the power that allows viewers to immediately gain access to desired products - say those shoes they see or an album - during any recording online or live performance.

By simply scanning a QR code from their phone camera, anybody with a supported cryptocurrency wallet can submit payments using a simple PayID created on the PayTV app. This makes it faster and enhances transaction security rather than redirecting viewers to entering payment information.

  • Benefits the viewers - Making transactions over TV platforms can be challenging for users other than the TV owner, who usually needs to set up or link an external account when setting up the device. PayTV allows any viewer to make transactions from their own account using PayID and Ripple.

  • Benefits the content creators - With the PayTV app, that artist can list their merchandise and sell items using PayID identifiers for accepting and taking payments with low fees and minimal friction. Reduced payment friction and security gives increased conversion rate for content creators and musicians.

How to use PayTV

  • Any content creator (such as H.E.R. could set up a PayTV PayID account on our network and associate bitcoin, ripple, and other payment addresses with it)
  • Once the account is set up, viewers can watch the content, click items that appear in the video, and be able to checkout using PayID and whatever cryptocurrency they set up.

How we built it

  1. We set up a PayID test server at
  2. Created an initial set of PayID's in the PayTV app for content creators, such as neildiamond and h.e.r. - and added BTC and XRPL accounts to them using the user management API's of PayID.
  3. Generated QR codes on the fly using the GET Payment Information endpoint from the PayID API. The QR code redirects the user to his or her payment wallet for the appropriate currency with the destination address set from the PayID response.
  4. User can checkout by submitting the payment securely from his or her mobile device. The payment gets sent with the appropriate purchase metadata to the PayTV content creator.

Challenges we ran into

  • xpring sdk had a bit of trouble working on android, but was able to use the PayID api's directly from android to query payment information on the fly when a particular item was selected for purchase
  • Integrate the PayID payment information API call into the Android application based on the content creator PayID account profile.
  • Render the QR codes in real time on the TV display when prompted for payment.

What we learned

  • How to use PayID to hide the complexities of payment and leverage its APIs for doing user management and retrieving payment information.


What's really transformative about what we're doing is we're not only enabling you to buy something from the show, if it catches on with advertisers, it could also redefine how consumers/ fans shop. With scannable QR Codes and increased conversion rate for the artists, Pay-TV can result in becoming the easiest and greatest ways to monetize and share merchandise with their viewers.


Vinoothna: Northeastern University

Chris: Stavvy

Brian: AT&T

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