What it does

Allows users to share content they create with others at a price via membership fees with transactions using Bitcoin.

How I built it

Used Blockstack technology (Blockstack Authentication and Gaia - Blockchain sotrage) for client-side authentication and decentralized storage on backend, React and Node for frontend, Mycelium for tracking Bitcoin transactions.

Challenges I ran into

Blockchain transactions are very slow relative to execution via a central server, so data retrieval for Blockstack is very slow (up to 30 min to perform a single data operation when servers are busy on the Starter plan). Also when the ID is lost for a Blockstack ID, the recovery process is lengthy. Creating a new ID is faster but also can result in authentication issues for the new ID.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completed most of the main requirements for a full stack project in a short amount of time alone.

What I learned

React, Node, Blockstack Toolkit, Decentralized App Development, Rapid/Continuous Deployment, CORS Policy

What's next for PayTron

public/private content content differentiation for multi media content creators filters to display certain types of content creators

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