Splitting the bills in a restaurant after a meal is time consuming; footing the bill for office supplies or for a group project is a hassle to ensure that everyone pays back. We want to tackle the problem of splitting the bills that we run into every weekend, sometimes everyday, through a SlackBot by settling the payments automatically.

What it does

PayTogether is a bot that helps splitting the bills fast and simple. It starts with just a snap of the receipt and uploading it on to slack. PayTogether then reads the total amount on the receipt and split it among the number of members in the group chat-So. Easy.

How we built it

PayTogether is built using Node.js and Javascript.

There are 3 backends relating to the architecture of this bot:

1. SlackBot User will upload image onto Slack and Slack sends the image to Microsoft Azure for processing.

2. Microsoft Azure After processing and parsing the receipt image, it then sends the information to standard library for an API.

3. STL API Standard library returns a JSON file for the slackbot to process and operate on.

Challenges we ran into

Retrieving API

  • a huge challenge as we were unfamiliar with it. Parsing of receipt
  • time consuming and it had taken up most of the time. API permissions

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Managed to successfully make real payments ensuring that the bot works.

What we learned

  • Learning how to built a SlackBot.
  • Deepened understanding of the architecture of node.js language.
  • Learning how to work with API more efficiently.

What's next for PayTogether

We will look at developing more complex ways to split the bills such as individuals choosing their own food to split, having two bills combined, etc. We will also want to move on from Slack and expand this service to other messenging platforms such as Facebook messenger bot.

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