Due to the current pandemic and opening of these spaces (Restaurants/hotels, Medical stores, Banks, Malls), there might be long queues and a lot of crowds which is inefficiently handled. Businesses are losing out on customers and if safety measures are not taken the virus can propagate.

What it does

PAYQUIL provides a platform for saving your time and investing that to more productive work or to spend time with your loved ones by cutting off long,tiring and exhausting queues outside a restaurant or hotels or pubs for fascinating weekends or chilling parties or the rocking night life. PAYQUIL will allow you to book your desirable seats at your favorite restaurant at your desired time along with the number of people you are comfortable to sit with in the restaurant.

How we built it

We build a prototype using figma, added essential components and design scheme for easy use and froze features which are the most relevant and adhere to aim of fintech.

Challenges we ran into

Since it was a short stint and we weren't the most experienced, rather young developers we found it difficult to translate the entire project to an working model. However we believed the idea will be impactful enough regardless

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1)PayQuil is not only limited to crowd management and prebooking in restaurants and hotels. It has wide regions of application such as malls, banks, corona vaccination camps, restaurants, hotels, medical stores, etc. 2)It provides Efficient customer management strategy for increasing business revenue and better organisation. 3) It is a self-growing app as More restaurants would make its customers install PAYQU!L to increase its sales

What we learned

We are developers but learned how to create a design using figma and create a pitch to sell our product. We are a all girls team and felt put down by some passing comments to discourage us, so we learned to stand for ourselves and believe in our idea

What's next for PayQu!L

As far as PAYQU!L is concerned it is more a self-growing app. There are not as such any fixed costs required, the only cost required would be of setting up the application and marketing it throughout the industry.

Team Contact Information

Geetanjali Purohit: Ishita Gupta: (Phone Number: +91 7984476345

Built With

  • figma
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