Prompted by the question, "What do you wish you could do when you see a homeless person on the street?", paypyrus is designed with the goal of decentralizing social welfare. paypyrus provides a way of letting citizens give money to the homeless with the guarantee that the money will be used for valuable services. Essentially, we have created a system to allow everyday people to be able to provide food stamps to those in need.

How it works

When a citizen wants to give to the homeless, they log into our website with their Venmo account and create a paypyrus. A paypyrus allows a person to embed Venmo cash into it. This person can then print this card out and give it to a homeless person, who can then in turn use it in certified stores. To redeem the card, the store owner can scan the QR code and input their Venmo email or phone number to receive payment.

What's next for paypyrus

  • create a social aspect that will encourage more donations
  • realtime map of where your paypyrus' have been spent
  • make a monthly pledge of how much you will donate (undonated paypyrus' can be given to food shelters)
  • paypyrus customization

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